Almost successful Gnumeric Windows build...

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Almost successful Gnumeric Windows build...

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Technically, I have now successfully built Gnumeric to run in Windows 10
using MSYS2.  Gnumeric launches and appears to match the version I run
on Linux.

A few bugs left before I declare real success

1. Something in the configure or install is wrong, and Gnumeric can't
get to the plugins.  A typical error in the msys console after launching
gnumeric from that command line reads as follows (depending on the
content of the sample spreadsheet I have opened).  It would appear
something's wonky with the PATH gnumeric has been told to use, still
trying to figure out where this bad PATH originates.  NOTE: I can go
through the Gnumeric dialog to select plugin directories, but the error

Failed to load rounddown
   E Unable to open module file
      E '/mingw64/lib/gnumeric/1.12.47/plugins/fn-math\': The specified
module could not be found.
Failed to load trunc
   E Unable to open module file
      E '/mingw64/lib/gnumeric/1.12.47/plugins/fn-stat\': The specified
module could not be found.

2. Gnumeric is trying to access Windows registry entries that don't
exist.  I suspect this one's completely on me --> I need to find a tool
that helps automate the creation of an MSI file, I think...  Once this
is fixed --> based on some of the names of those missing keys, I'm
holding out hope that the very dated Windows build Gnumeric I'm
currently using regularly will finally be replaced with this new version
that will remember my macro settings when I close a file and then reopen
it later (like the default window size...).  Hopefully this doesn't
involve purchasing a Microsoft Development Suite....

Any hints or thought starters on the above are welcome!

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