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Latests versions on CentOS 7.5

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I work on spreasheets with a Java API, name Jxls, that only works with Excel files. I use xlsx files with dynamic data ranges, in order to update charts when I add a row of data.

My program runs on CentOS 7.5, so I have the latest version of gnumeric (1.10.10), but it doesn't handle dynamic data ranges.

To make sure that gnumeric could provide the results I expected, I tried the latest version (1.12.32) on a Debian virtual machine, and it handles dynamic data ranges perfectly fine. You did a great job.

So I was wondering if you were still working on a CentOS new version, or if you could simply give me some hints in order to get the v1.12.32 on CentOS by myself.

Thank you very much, and have a good day.

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