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pan manual is back

Petr Kovar-2
Hi all,

I've re-added the original pan manual, written by Douglas Bollinger, to the
source tree, together with a new help menu item. Thought it's better to have
it back and visible to users and potential contributors than to let it
bit-rot in an old branch.

It's a slightly outdated and somewhat incomplete DocBook file which just got
a few minor updates. If you want to have a look, it's located in

Translations are done via

Building the manual is optional, you have to build with
--enable-manual=yes. That's to avoid adding a hard dependency on a GNOME
package for non-GNOME users, since the help menu item only works with the
yelp viewer from GNOME. By default, pan might require itstool and
xmllint, if you don't want to install these system tools, build with
--with-yelp-tools=no. (This option has to be enabled by default to avoid
breaking tarball generation.)


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